HoverCab (Early Access) – Be the Best Space Taxi Driver You Can Be!

hovercab game

HoverCab is a space taxi simulator that plays similar to Crazy Taxi- if it were in space, 2D, and a sidescroller. You pick up and delivery patrons as fast as you can to earn cash. Unlock new upgrades, repair your ride, and even refuel! It’s a difficult game with precise controls across differetn missions and environments. Easy to play, but hard to master!

Radical Heights (Early Access) – An 80s Last Man Standing Game with BMX Bikes, Arcades, and Pumped-Up Kicks

radical heights game

Radical Heights is a unique 80s survival last man standing game with a twist. Loot big guns, ride BMX bikes, and use in-game currency to buy gear from vending machines to take down other players. It features colorful visuals that’ll make you feel like you’re stuck in the late disco era.