HoverCab (Early Access) – Be the Best Space Taxi Driver You Can Be!

hovercab game

HoverCab is a space taxi simulator that plays similar to Crazy Taxi- if it were in space, 2D, and a sidescroller. You pick up and delivery patrons as fast as you can to earn cash. Unlock new upgrades, repair your ride, and even refuel! It’s a difficult game with precise controls across differetn missions and environments. Easy to play, but hard to master!

Radical Heights (Early Access) – An 80s Last Man Standing Game with BMX Bikes, Arcades, and Pumped-Up Kicks

radical heights game

Radical Heights is a unique 80s survival last man standing game with a twist. Loot big guns, ride BMX bikes, and use in-game currency to buy gear from vending machines to take down other players. It features colorful visuals that’ll make you feel like you’re stuck in the late disco era.

You Played Yourself (Complete) – Travel Back in Time to Blamazon’s HQ and Cause Utter Chaos!

you played yourself game

You Played Yourself is a quirky little first-person puzzle stealth game. You’re sent back in time to cause chaos at Blamazon’s office HQ. You need to accomplish a to-do list of pranks to the employees and office and then go back to the present- only to encounter a huge plot twist you’ll never expect!