You Played Yourself (Complete) – Travel Back in Time to Blamazon’s HQ and Cause Utter Chaos!

you played yourself game

You Played Yourself is a quirky little first-person puzzle stealth game. You’re sent back in time to cause chaos at Blamazon’s office HQ. You need to accomplish a to-do list of pranks to the employees and office and then go back to the present- only to encounter a huge plot twist you’ll never expect!

Smintheus (Early Access) – A Unique Top-Down Puzzle Adventure with Crafting and Survival RPG Elements

Smintheus is a free indie puzzle adventure game.

Smintheus is a top-down indie puzzle adventure game with amazing artwork, simple puzzles, cute NPCs, and a 1980s OSt. It’s a game that’ll remind you of the old-school classics from the Game Boy era. It features exploration, crafting, and survival elements all into one RPG/adventure hybrid.

Make Sail (Early Access) – Build Any Kind of Ship You Can Imagine and Explore the (Gorgeous) High Seas

make sail game

Make Sail is an indie exploration game where you can craft any ship you can imagine and set sail for the seas! Explore a procedurally-generated stunning world and get on foot to explore remote islands. Get new pieces, upgrade your ship, and explore farther islands. It’s probably the most rewarding exploration ocean sim I’ve ever seen.

Tala (Early Access) – A Gorgeous Point-and-Click Indie Adventure with Old-School Animation

tala game

Tala is a beautiful and gorgeous indie point-and-click adventure game with traditional old-school animation. Play in an immersive 2D world inspired by nature. Explore a living fantasy town and interact with a wide range of NPCs. Solve puzzles. Click on everything. Interact with anything. And no reading required.