HoverCab (Early Access) – Be the Best Space Taxi Driver You Can Be!

hovercab game

HoverCab is a space taxi simulator that plays similar to Crazy Taxi- if it were in space, 2D, and a sidescroller. You pick up and delivery patrons as fast as you can to earn cash. Unlock new upgrades, repair your ride, and even refuel! It’s a difficult game with precise controls across differetn missions and environments. Easy to play, but hard to master!

Tiny Planet Defense (Prototype)

Play Tiny Planet Defense.

Tiny Planet Defense is a defense game where you can just play it away for cheap thrills. It’s a 2D pixel shooter where your job is to defend your tiny home planet. You’re in charge of the weapons that have been properly equipped around your planet’s orbit. You need to defend it against the waves … Read moreTiny Planet Defense (Prototype)

Guns ‘n’ Stallions (Pre-Alpha)

Guns 'n' Stallions is an 8-bit arcade indie game.

Catch the train. Kill the bad guys. Grab the cash! Guns ‘n’ Stallions is a quick game with retro graphics. The menus, transitions, and music are all awesome and very well done. There’s a train robbery in place and you need to board a train and shoot down baddies and take the money back. It’s … Read moreGuns ‘n’ Stallions (Pre-Alpha)

NIGHTSTAR: Rogue Wings (Early Access)

Remmber Star Fox? Who doesn’t. NIGHTSTAR: Rogue Wings offers you a gaming experience that’ll have you drowning in nostalgia. Think Star Fox with updated graphics, a ton more enemies, and twitch reflexes. Enter NIGHTSTAR. You’ll need quick thinking to play this game. Rouge Wings offers an awesome spaceship combat simulator combined with resources management and … Read moreNIGHTSTAR: Rogue Wings (Early Access)