Don’t Give Up: A Cynical Tale (Beta) – A Funny Narrative Depicting a Struggling Game Developer

Don’t Give Up: A Cynical Tale (Beta) – A Funny Narrative Depicting a Struggling Game Developer

Game Review

Don’t Give Up: A Cynical Tale is a dark comedy narrative about an anti-social game dev named Tris.

It’s a funny and dysfunctional game that depicts Tris’ social life as he tries to balance it with his inner struggles. The game is ludicrously crazy and combines an original comedy that covers internal conflicts like emotional destruction and self-discovery.

The game’s core is an action-packed combat fighter with real-time fights that constantly switches between player and enemies getting the upper hand. Besides that combat system, you get to explore a colorful city with a ton of stuff you can screw around with. I found the level of detail in the game to be simply insane and almost OCD-like (I have OCD). You can go into restaurants, arcades, and even random buildings.

It features colorful old-school 16-bit artwork with plenty of dialogue to read through. You can explore parody locations, talk with NPCs, and fight random enemies in strategic combat with tons of flashy effects. I have no clue what this game is really about other than it’s hilariously addictive.

You’ve got to try out Don’t Give Up: A Cynical Tale for yourself.

  • Colorful artwork
  • Tons to explore
  • Real-time fighting
  • Guarnateed laughs and random giggles
  • The ridiculousness is way too high
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Game Information

Status: Beta

Published: 7/19/18

Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux

Engine: –

Genre: Adventure

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: trisbee

Developer page: Go


(Via Developer/Game Page)

Gameplay Video

Download and Play Don’t Give Up: A Cynical Tale (Beta)


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