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PokeyPoke (Complete) – Jump, Scale, Climb, and Catapult Yourself with Only a Spear in This Indie Platformer

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PokeyPoke is an indie platformer game where you use a spear to do pretty much everything.

You’re a running character armed with just a spear. But this spear is a special spear. Your character does everything with it- bouncing on walls, getting higher ground, getting across the ceiling, getting across bombs, and even defending against projectiles. It’s pretty much your multipurpose weapon, armament, and pogo stick!

You can use it to climb tall platforms like a rock climbing pick. You can use it to break objects. You can even use it to catapult yourself quite a distance as well. If you see bombs in the area, you can bounce them off and use them to break pathways. You pretty much traverse the entire game with just a pear- it’s amazing what you can do with it.

The game isn’t easy though. PokeyPoke takes advantage of all the classic and deceiving platformer elements you’d expect from a platformer game. You’ll see timed jumps, huge gaps, and even tricky coins and stars you’d dare to collect. The game is pretty generous with checkpoints, but it’ still pretty difficult for a platformer game.

The environments you explore are huge. You can freely explore the entire map if you wanted to, but the majority of it is laid out with purpose coins. The coins are there to lead you to new areas. There are also stars you can collect as well. These objects make it sort of like a collectathon game (Mario) and you can easily keep track of how many you still need with a small counter on the screen.

Overall, if you like challenging and ingenious platformers, give PokeyPoke a try. It’s a simple, yet very clever indie platformer that’ll have you flinging, climbing, scaling, hopping, and jumping all over the place.

  • Awesome pixel artwork
  • use your spear for everything
  • Jump, climb, scale, and fling yourself across the map
  • Collect coins and stars
  • Huge map to explore
  • Difficult
  • Graphics get kind of plain and repetitive
  • Some jumps are extremely annoying to clear
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Game Information

Status: Complete

Published: 1/14/18

Platforms: Windows

Engine: –

Genre: Adventure

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: NotPokio

Developer page: Go





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