Winterfall (Beta) – Explore a Huge, Lush World and Uncover the History of a Ruined Kingdom

Winterfall (Beta) – Explore a Huge, Lush World and Uncover the History of a Ruined Kingdom

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Winterfall is an awesome new RPG that lets you freely explore a huge, gorgeous, lush world.

The game takes place in a fantasy world with an old kingdom that’s been long-abandoned. You play as an adventurer who’s traveling in the land of Anor which was once flourishing but now has been destroyed by the elements. You look through the empty ruins and try to uncover the history of this once busy kingdom through secrets and items you discover.

However, you’re not all alone. It looks like there are few key NPCs you need to watch out for that have ulterior motives. These few individuals want to end your lineage for good. You can create a range of character with unique personalities and goals.

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The combat is real-time with blocking, attacking, defending, and everything in between.

Winterfall is an action RPG that uses a third-person camera as you explore the area. You can build your own sanctuary, sort of like a barrier to protect yourself from the coming winter. The game has lush and gorgeous realistic graphics that it almost looks like an actual world instead of a fantasy land. It has a real ecosystem full of flora and fauna that frolicks the huge landscapes of this kingdom. Your actions also leave consequences behind a la Fable.

Winterfall looks like it’ll be a nice exploration game with a unique art style that throws you into a huge world for you to explore alone. it gives you that sense of nature and mesmerizing landscapes as you traverse through tall mountains, snowy caps, seas, rivers, fields, forests, and more. It’s like Morrowind in a way.

It combines RPG with resource management as you build your Sanctuary, so it’s like a town builder as well. You can pick between different cultures and characters. You have to build it, defend it, and expand it. It’s a city builder hybrid, which I have never seen that often other than very specific genres. It’s a welcome addition. Seriously.

You can sign up forWinterfall beta using the link below. This is one ARPG to watch out for.


  • Huge world that you can explore freely
  • Awesome artwork
  • Rediscover the past of Anor
  • Storyline intact
  • Build your own Santuary
  • Combines town building with RPG
  • Does it have enough to stand out?
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