Radical Heights (Early Access) – An 80s Last Man Standing Game with BMX Bikes, Arcades, and Pumped-Up Kicks

radical heights game

Radical Heights is a unique 80s survival last man standing game with a twist. Loot big guns, ride BMX bikes, and use in-game currency to buy gear from vending machines to take down other players. It features colorful visuals that’ll make you feel like you’re stuck in the late disco era.

Last Epoch (Early Access) – A Modern High-Quality Action RPG with Stunning Graphics and Old-School RPG Mechanics

last epoch game

Last Epoch is a visually-stunning new action MMORPG that combines old-school RPG mechanics with modern design and visuals. It features tons of randomized loot, deep character customization, and even randomly-generated dungeons with over 10 classes with fleshed-out skill trees and varyinig combat styles. You can even time travel in this game.