Escape from Solar Sea Fortress (Prototype)

Download Escape from Solar Sea Fortress.

  Escape from Solar Sea Fortress is a very chill and relaxing indie puzzle game. You’re basically stranded on a solar sea fortress and you need to escape by solving puzzles. They’re really weird puzzles. You have solar power batteries that you need to screw around with in order to solve puzzles based on mechanics … Read moreEscape from Solar Sea Fortress (Prototype)

Running VoltGun (Complete)

Running VoltGun is a side-scrolling arcade shooter similar to the legends like Contra on the NES. You make your way through the world with a battery bar that’s constantly draining. You need to recharge it by collecting crystals scattered throughout the level. You also need to avoid enemy fire as they’ll (obviously) make it drain … Read moreRunning VoltGun (Complete)

Sky Knights (Alpha)

Sky Knights is a dogfighting game with a top-down perspective. You choose which aircraft you want to take flight in. These crafts are fully customizable to your liking. After you build it, you go ahead and take on the skies. It’s time to dogfight. You need to destroy the enemy base and defend your own. … Read moreSky Knights (Alpha)

Hoover (Complete)

Hoover is a platformer indie game where you need to outrun a rising water level by using a vacuum cleaner. If that’s not weird enough, add in some quirky features (like self-propelling) and a lot of difficulties. Then you have yourself a crazy platformer. Your vacuum cleaner is carried by you, a chubby and stubby … Read moreHoover (Complete)

Loop (Complete)

Loop is an action-based, fast-paced game built for the CGA Jam. You play a yellow-orange circle in a looping level that changes slightly each loop. The goal is to just get the best score possible. You’re falling downwards like as if gravity were on steroids and you need to dodge platforms, enemies, spikes, gems, and … Read moreLoop (Complete)

Guns ‘n’ Stallions (Pre-Alpha)

Guns 'n' Stallions is an 8-bit arcade indie game.

Catch the train. Kill the bad guys. Grab the cash! Guns ‘n’ Stallions is a quick game with retro graphics. The menus, transitions, and music are all awesome and very well done. There’s a train robbery in place and you need to board a train and shoot down baddies and take the money back. It’s … Read moreGuns ‘n’ Stallions (Pre-Alpha)