Jump Gunners (Early Access) – A Couch Multiplayer Action Game That Guarantees a Good Time

Jump Gunners (Early Access) – A Couch Multiplayer Action Game That Guarantees a Good Time

Game Description

Jump Gunners is an up-and-coming couch combat fighter.

Sit down with 3 of your friends and unleash the mayhem. It’s a game full of laughs as you guys blast each other with a ton of weapons in a ton of different levels.

It’s like if Super Smash Bros were pixelated, had destructable environments, and everyone fought each other with guns.

You can battle your buddies in a hectic free for all or even team up together. There are multiple game modes such as last man standing, TDM, capture the flag, single-player games, and even minigame modes. Your character isn’t that important, but you do have the ability to customize it with a huge assortment of hats. Yup. Hats.

The game can also be played with any amount of players up to 4. So you and a single friend can play. Or a game of 3. Or a full ouse.

Jump Gunners also has a very fun recoil system, which is one of the key factors in winning. You need to maneuver yourself using your gun’s recoil in order to get a quick burst of speed. The game is easy to understand but hard to master, like SSB.

You get over 20 weapons lke flamethrowers, rockets, snipers, and everything else you can (and can’t) think of. There are also over 80 levels to play on with destructable environments. You can choose from the preset game modes or customize your own.

Jump Gunners is one of the freshest and most unique games to hit the market in a while. It’s a breath of fresh air to see devs are still putting in creativity and ingenuity to stand out and create something original for once.

The game will be available on Steam 11/15/17. Check the link below to get the details.

  • Hectic 1-4 player action with couch multiplayer
  • Over 20 weapons and 80 levels with destrucatble environemts
  • Pixel artwork is awesome
  • Original and fresh idea
  • Bullet recoil mechanics
  • Easy to play, hard to master
  • Promises all DLC and no cash grabs for once price, we’ll have to see if this stays
  • Possible no online multiplayer?
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Game Information

Status: Early Access

Published: 11/3/17

Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux

Engine: –

Genre: Action

Languages: English

Inputs: Steam Controller, Xbox 360 Wired/Wireless, Xbox One Wired & Wireless (w/ Elite), Sony DualShock 2, Sony DualShock 3, Sony DualShock 4, Logitech F310, Logitech F710, 8Bitdo NES30 Pro, Nvidia Shield Controller, MadCatz C.T.L.R, Steelseries Nimbus

Developer Information

Developer: NerdRage Studios Ltd.

Developer page: Go



(Via Steam Page)

Gameplay Video

Check out Jump Gunners (Early Acceoss)


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