Store Revolt (Early Access) – Physics-Based Local Party Game with Guaranteed Laughs

Store Revolt (Early Access) – Physics-Based Local Party Game with Guaranteed Laughs

Game Review

Store Revolt is a funny little physics-based ragdoll local multiplayer game that’ll give you and your friends some guaranteed laughs!

It’s all about having a good time at the local shopping mall as you load items into your shopping cart while trying to take down your friends’ carts! It’s playable with up to 4 players each with fully customizable skins. You need to put items in your parents’ cart that are worth a lot of cash. The more you grab, the more points you earn. The trick is to get as many valuables into your cart as possible!

You can snag stuff like trophies, trampolines, and tons of other things you wouldn’t expect to fit in a shopping carriage. You can pick up items like bats to knock out your friends temporarily and steal the items they were carrying or throwing them into the cart for huge chunk of points! It’s crazy and makes absolutely no sense- but that’s why it’s fun.

The game supports controllers so no blaming controls as an excuse.

The player with the most valuables into the cart first is declared the ultimate shopper. You’ll have to use items, timing, placement, and physics all at once in order to beat your friends. It ain’t no co-op game- that’s for sure!

  • Up to 4 player mayhem
  • Physics-based for guaranteed laughs
  • Unique concept
  • Super fun with friends
  • Would be awesome with more modes or shop layouts
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Game Information

Status: Early Access


Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Steam

Engine: –

Genre: Action

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse, Controller

Developer Information


Developer page: Go



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