Crying Suns (Early Access) – An FTL-Inspired Game with Real-Time Pausable Combat

Crying Suns (Early Access) – An FTL-Inspired Game with Real-Time Pausable Combat

Game Review

Crying Suns is an awesome roguelike space game with real-time combat in a huge procedurally-generated universe.

The game will instantly remind you of FTL. You play as a captain on a space fleet who’s been awakened by a robot called OMNI. You’re then supposed to sail your ship through space and solve a mysterious communication severance between your spaceship and the Galactic Empire. If you refuse to accept the mission, go for it. It’s funny to see what happens.

You then travel between different solar systems and fight other enemy ships in real-time strategy vehicular combat. Defeat them to progress and gain resources. As you get more stuff, you can upgrade your ship and manage your resources to be fully optimized. The game has a narrative going alongside the combat, so it never feels like you’re just grinding. The ships you command also is aligned on a hex-based grid instead of a huge single entity.

The space exploration is awesome with squadron-based fleet combat. The storyline is dramatic and spans multiple chapters. The resource management system is also pretty cool where Scrap is the currency of the game which is used to buy weapons, ships, and upgrades. Neo-N is fuel for your ship. And Commandos are used as cannon fodder and foot soldiers to get resources.

The game also has a huge map that provides you the layout for each star cluster to make it easy to navigate. You need to spend gas in order to investigate a cluster, so you need to choose wisely. When you choose a point, you’ll either get an encounter, a fight, or a planetary expedition where you can find some resources.

There are also over 300 events which can happen, such as multiple branching paths. You also get bosses, unit customization, upgrades, expeditions, and even heroes which have unique abilities. Every victory means you get some nice upgrades for your ship.

Crying Suns is currently playable as a demo. It sports roguelike strategic space fights with a mix of retro and modern pixel art. The game has a nice dose of space combat, exploration, and pausable fights. The backstory is what’ll keep you glued to the game though.

If you like it, you can support the devs on Kickstarter.

  • Real-time pausable combat
  • Explore procedurally-generated space
  • Humor and backstory are excellent
  • Some of the fights drag on a little too long and can’t be skipped
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Game Information

Status: Early Access


Platforms: Windows, Mac, iPad

Engine: –

Genre: Adventure

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: Alt Shift

Developer page: Go



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