In Other Waters (Early Access) – Explore the Ocean of an Alien Planet with a Twisting Storyline

In Other Waters (Early Access) – Explore the Ocean of an Alien Planet with a Twisting Storyline

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In Other Waters is an awesome little ocean exploration game where you play as an AI computer to help a Xenobiologist in a lone underwater world.

If you’ve played games like Subnautica, you should definitely check out this game. It’s a unique ocean exploration game that has a storyline built-in with a focus on narration and exploration at the same time.

Unlike Subnautica, you explore the depths of an alien ocean and also form relationships with the Metroid-like world you’re discovering and also uncover the secrets and mysteries of unknown alien life.

The game is unique because it’s not like any other Unity-based exploration game that has detailed graphics and a rich atmospheric experience.

Instead, you’re cast as Operator AI and you need to guide Ellery Vas as she explores the underwater world on the planet Gliese 677Cc.

The game is built around a unique relationship between you and Ellery through a tactile interface. The game has a pretty unique concept that I haven’t yet seen in an “exploration’ game.

The whole experience is done through scan environments, sonar, and graphs. You chart underwater pathways, courses, and navigation tracks.

As you help Ellery Vas through this alien ocean, you’ll discover and uncover many different mysteries and attempt to find out more info about this far, far planet.

In Other Waters gives you the chance to explore the world through a branch of science called xenobiology. You assist Ellery in collecting random samples in order to study the environment and tracking it. This is necessary if you want to understand how to navigate and explore the vast ocean and see what species inhabit it.

Tracking and studying species is especially important because it unlocks the path in order to find out a navigation path.

For example, you may track a single species in order to find a way through a treacherous, predator-colonized area. Or you may use these samples of this species in order to harvest materials in order to augment Ellery’s suit for dangerous conditions under the ocean.

In Other Waters also has some pretty scary surprises up its sleeve. Personally, I’m terrified of the ocean. Subnautica was freakin’ scary enough. In this game, you’ll find some pretty unique moments where your relationship with Ellery will be put on the spot.

The game is has a storyline behind it that slowly uncovers and tests everything between you two in a plot-twisting manner. The narrative changes and dives into the phenomenon of computer and human life. It’s a pretty “deep” game and worth checking out.

Give it a try. It puts both story and exploration into one awesome immersive experience. In Other Waters is currently live on kickstarter and this game is the prologue to the game. Check out the campaign and back it if you like it.

  • Explore a vast ocean
  • Narrated storyline
  • Plot twists
  • Unique and fresh take on the genre
  • Immersive
  • Will it appeal to Subnautica fans or those who’ve been exposed to 3D exploration games?
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Game Information

Status: Early Access

Published: 2/6/18

Platforms: Windows, macOS

Engine: –

Genre: Adventure

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information


Developer page: Go


Navigating a path through the planet's Fungal Forest

There are strange things in the depths of the planet's ocean

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