No longer the Earth (Early Access) – Explore an Abandoned Space Station with a Twist

No longer the Earth (Early Access) – Explore an Abandoned Space Station with a Twist

Game Description

No longer the Earth is a space exploration game with retro graphics and a unique twist.

It’s a top-down dungeon crawler-like game where you play as a pair of characters that are exploring a power station that ran out of power.

It’s a space station in orbit that’s big, dark, and abandoned. Or not…

It’s called the ARIADNA, which orbits a mining planet called Arhat. It sent out a distress call to your team, so you need to go investigate what happened to it.

You play as Jack and Henry- two astronaut engineers. You have to explore the station without a map and no light. It’s a puzzle game at its core. It gets really dark at some points.

The game has two parts to it. You explore the station and your companion stays back in the ship for backup. You can call for support when you need it.It gets really dark at some points.

You need to rescue survivors, solve puzzles, navigate the powerless station, and just explore. It gets really dark at some points since you have a source of light. And you’ll get lost because you have no map either.

The game puts you in search of tools and equipment. You’ll need to repair your gear, find gear, and get new pieces as you search the station.

When you’re in the dark, you’ll have to be careful. You can’t see anything and you’ll need to be cautious. You do have a gun, but you have limited ammunition. And there are some areas where it’s pretty scary. You’ll need to run through tight corridors and such, and there’s something that’s chasing you. So take good shots at it. You’ll discover what it is and you’ll need to find out how to rid it.

The game is pretty difficult. For one thing, you can’t save on demand. You have to make a lot of decisions that you wouldn’t have to make in a game with save points. Just getting rid of a saving feature makes a world of difference. You can still save, but just no t so often. Another thing is you can control one character at a time. You can switch between them and do so is a necessity.

There are a few different enemies. Some you have to shoot directly. Others you’ll have to shoot in the dark. It’s all up to you. Shoot and possibly waste bullets? Or run for it?

The game lets you get a portable battery that allows you to boot up computers and doors. But it comes with a power supply. And it diminishes. you have to the power left in it before you have to go back to the ship to recharge it. This adds another dimension of gameplay.

As for weapons, Henry gets a pistol and Jake gets an assault rifle. Your shots will either kill or frighten enemies. But again, you need to watch your ammo supply. There are extra weapons scattered around the station.

And lastly, there’s a stress meter to watch out for. You need to navigate in lighted areas to regain your sanity or return to your spaceship to restore it.

Overall, No longer the Earth is an awesome space exploration dungeon crawler. Check it out. It’s difficult, but it’s very entertaining.

  • Solve puzzles in a dangerous space station
  • Get weapon upgrades
  • Lots of factors that add depth to the game- stress, ammunition, etc.
  • Unique gameplay
  • Switch between two charactesrs
  • Save sparingly
  • You’ll wish the game had a sequel
  • Pretty difficult at parts
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Game Information

Status: Early Access (In Development)

Published: 9/3/17

Platforms: Windows

Engine: RPG Maker VX

Genre: Puzzler

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: Vic White

Developer page: Go


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Gameplay Video

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