Stoneshard (Early Access) – An Awesome Indie Roguelike Dungeon Crawler

Game Review

Stoneshard is an awesome and addicting top-down dungeon crawler.

You explore many different caves and dungeons filled with crawling monsters in a procedurally-generated world. It seems like this format is a lot more popular nowadays because it gives players a unique adventure every time. The game plays similar to Diablo and Darkest Dungeon, where you play as a mercenary who’s out to take down a tyrant king and help establish peace to Aldor.

You’ll crawl dungeons, explore various lands, and fight tons of monsters. You’ll also get rewarded handsomely with plenty o’ loot to go around and also get a group of followers who’ll help you out along your quest. This is a pretty cool feature that not many of these games have and something I’d like to see more of. The game is difficult, so you’ll need as much help as you can get.

Stoneshard is currently in early access with just a prologue and about 2 hours of gameplay. The game’s lore, storyline, and artwork make it seem like an old-school classic that’ll have you nostalgic for days. The combat system is easy to learn, but also very strategic gameplay elements and a lot of equips that’ll help you on your adventure. The Caravan of allies is awesome and you can expand your following as you progress.

Your character also will have to deal with traumas that can only be fixed with drugs. The game also has meters for food and water, upgradable and customizable characters, and over 100 weapons to draw.

If you’re looking for an addicting, polished, and awesome roguelike dungeon crawler, try out Stoneshard. It’s one of the most appealing and simplistic yet addicting roguelikes I’ve come across recently. Definitely worth a play if you like dungeon crawlers with older style artwork that’ll remind you of the good times.

You can also check out their Kickstarter if you want to help out the devs.

  • Nice artwork and graphic detail
  • Strategic combat system
  • Old-school gameplay
  • Nostalgic
  • Offers a challenging experience of a dungeon crawler
  • You’ll wanna play the whole game.
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Game Information

Status: Early Access

Published: 5/15/18

Platforms: Windows

Engine: GameMaker

Genre: Adventure

Languages: English, Russian

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: Ink Stains Games

Developer page: Go


(Via Developer/Game Page)

Gameplay Video

Download and Play Stoneshard (Early Access)


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