The 25th Ward: The Silver Case (Beta) – Explore a Crime-Ridden District in this Surreal Japanese Visual Novel

The 25th Ward: The Silver Case (Beta) – Explore a Crime-Ridden District in this Surreal Japanese Visual Novel

Game Review

The 25th Ward: The Silver Case is a remake of The 25th Ward. It’s an awesomely animated and stylish visual novel that only players in Japan could play.

Now, it’s available for the US as well.

The Silver Case is a basically a very stylish and flashy visual novel. It features movie-like special effects as it tells a tale in a district known as the 25th Ward. It’s a story that revolves around 3 different tales that are separated into 5 different episodes.

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The game tales are Correctness, Placebo, and Match Maker. Correctness is about a couple of detectives that work to solve a few murders in the strangest ways. Placebo is the tale of a man named Tokio Morishima as he follows a mission to uncover weird happenings in the 25th Ward. And Match Maker is a tale of an officer who wanders into the 25th Ward.

All three tales are very flashy and stylistic. The gameplay is minimal, but the storyline is awesome. It’s worth playing if you like visual novels and such as the game goes all out in special effects.

The 25th Ward: The Silver Case takes the original game and basically does everything up a notch- other than the same style of storytelling (that’s unknown at this point). It’s more weird, strange, and flashier than ever. The narration is also awesome with different protagonists at the same time. It takes the original Suda51 (original creator) and follows the style with surreal effects and weird plot twists.

The game will be released soon band beta sign ups are active!


  • Bizzare plot twists
  • Flashy visuals
  • Surreal effects
  • 3 tales in 5 episodes
  • Superb narration
  • Does the game follow the traditional storyline or is it all just flash?
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