You Played Yourself (Complete) – Travel Back in Time to Blamazon’s HQ and Cause Utter Chaos!

You Played Yourself (Complete) – Travel Back in Time to Blamazon’s HQ and Cause Utter Chaos!

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You Played Yourself is a unique little first-person puzzle game that has you traveling through time to play pranks and cause some ruckus at Amaz-…Blamazon’s office!

You play as yourself (zing!) and you’re an unknown person on a mission. All you want to do is go back in time to cause as much chaos as possible. There’s a thing called the Chaos Entity which assigns a to-do list of tasks for you to follow when you’re sent to Blamazon’s office HQ.

When you enter the Chaos Entity, you’ll be instantly transported back in time in this portal that looks like the Nether Portal from Minecraft. It’s purple, swirly, and looks like pure chaos!

At Blamazon’s office space, there are plenty of things to do. It’s not like it’s an empty office and you’re just some prankster walking around throwing folders off the table. You walk around and chat with the employees. You’ll have a good time doing this because they have some pretty interesting things to say. Then you need to get into action and complete your tasks from the Chaos Entity! Is it a portal or an entity? Probably both.

You Played Yourself has a timer for you complete all the tasks- specifically 15 minutes only. If you don’t complete all the tasks in time, you fail. You’re sent back to the present without causing enough ruckus and the game’s over. But that’s the twist- when you’re sent back to the present, you’ll encounter a nice little plot twist that’ll you’ll (probably) never guess. I won’t spoil it for you- you’ll have to find out for yourself! It’s something that’ll make you think to yourself “really?” after you encounter the unexpected!

If you don’t handle the twist carefully, the game gets even more difficult. It’s a very unique and original idea that I haven’t seen before. The game focuses on stealth, humor, and just plain foxy wit. It’s an awesome game and will kill about an hour of your time. You’ll realize why it’s called You Played Yourself after you beat it. Try it out using the link below. It’s definitely worth a play through. For sure.

  • Awesome storyline and concept
  • Unique and rare type of game
  • Excellent artwork and realistic graphics with a touch of humor
  • Guaranteed laughs
  • Nice humor in the dialog
  • Plenty to interact with around the office
  • Clever twist
  • You’ll want more because it kind of leaves you unfulfilled when you’re done
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Game Information

Status: Early Access

Published: 2/16/18

Platforms: Windows, Linux

Engine: –

Genre: Adventure

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: Iseeicy

Developer page: Go


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Gameplay Video

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You’re very much welcome =]. Keep us updated about any new releases to this game and future games!


Keep your eyes peeled around the week of June 11th. I’m going to have some news then 😉