Beware (Early Access) – A Horror Indie Driving Game with a Tense Atmosphere

Beware (Early Access) – A Horror Indie Driving Game with a Tense Atmosphere

Game Review

Beware is a horror first-person sandbox horror game that has you going through the trails at night while being chased by a few monsters.

The game starts with you sitting in your car alone in a dark park at night. Why are you there exactly? Who knows. It’s dark. You’re alone. Maybe you just like to go around and sit at parks at nighttime. Your ride is pretty old. It’s a beat-down car with some crappy suspension and horrible turning.

The game lets you do what you want. You can drive around the car park and screw around to your liking- run into things, do donuts, drift around the park. Do whatever you want. It’s a horror sandbox, after all.

Then when you leave the park, you’ll find that you’re out in the country roads. You’ll start to get chased by these evil-looking things in a car who want to just kill you by ramming your ride off the road.

Your job is to avoid them for as long as possible.

The game uses a physics engine so there’s no rubber-banding or anything. You have to dodge their pit maneuvers and speed up/slow down in order to avoid their attacks. You’ll see them coming at you in your rearview mirror and every time you see the bright headlights, you’ll get a sense of pure terror.

Beware is freakin’ scary just for that fact. You get the constant chase feeling the whole time. It combines driving, stealth, and horror into one game. It features some detailed graphics and an older audio track that’ll remind of you the early horror movies. This one’s for any horror fan.

  • Unique horror concept
  • Physics system
  • Tense atmosphere
  • Well-done horror
  • Sometimes it’s very difficult to evade the baddies on turns
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Game Information

Status: Early Access

Published: 5/25/18

Platforms: Windows

Engine: Unity

Genre: Horror

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: Ondrej_Svadlena

Developer page: Go



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Gameplay Video

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