JORRY (Early Access) – A Pixel Horror Point-And-Click Adventure in Freezing Cold House

JORRY (Early Access) – A Pixel Horror Point-And-Click Adventure in Freezing Cold House

Game Review

JORRY is a new point-and-click environmental survival horror game that entrances into its pixelated, psychedelic world.

You play as a young woman named Claire. You’re trapped in a house in a freezing world. You need to explore it to find out why you’re there (as cliche as this setup is).

As you wander around the house, you’ll notice that you’re not alone. Lights are on. Noises are heard. The TV is on. You’ll soon learn that there’s a crazy little girl in the house as well- and some other fiends. This girl is Jorry. You’re attempting to save her.

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The house is hauntingly well-designed with beautiful artwork in a pixelated world. The colors, contrast, and lighting make JORRY a game that just encompasses you into its world and doesn’t let you go. You have to play it to understand.

Claire has to deal with these monsters that inhabit this chilly house in freezing cold temperatures. They wander around the house and try to eat you alive as you try to solve the puzzle. You’re armed with a basic pistol which you can use to shoot them down.

Since the game takes place on a 2.5D plane, the aiming can be kind of off.

As you traverse the house to find Jorry, you’ll run into all sorts of scares and some basic puzzles. The enemies inhabit a big portion of the building, and you’ll have to aim and time your attacks to take them down. The game plays similar to older point-and-click titles from the early 90s, and the difficulty seems to have migrated over as well.

The puzzles are simple, but still necessary to the storyline and don’t seem out of place. The monsters are difficult, and they appear throughout the building- randomly. You’ll have to take them down as they can’t always be avoided. Your gun isn’t really a pistol though- it shoots teeth. Aim for the head to deal bonus damage!

If you’re into puzzle horror games with a point-and-click interface, JORRY is well worth checking out. It’s a very atmospheric game. It draws you in and scares you with the immersion rather than jumpscares. The game’s worth a play.

  • Psychedelic horror world
  • Solve puzzles
  • Save Jorry
  • Beautful pixel artwork
  • Immerses you into the game
  • Combat system
  • Aiming can be difficult due to the 2.5D plane
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