L: An Interactive Mystery (Complete) – The Ultimate Phone Snooping Simulator

L: An Interactive Mystery (Complete) – The Ultimate Phone Snooping Simulator

Game Review

L: An Interactive Mystery is a narrative mystery detective simulator game.

You take the role of a detective (you’re actually just her parent) and you need to find out what happened to your daughter- she disappeared and the only piece of evidence you have is her cellphone. You need to look through her phone and find out where she is. The catch is that there’s a limited amount of memory available on the phone and you have to delete files and apps in order to get new ones.

And there’s a limited battery life on it because you don’t have a charger, so you need to manage your snooping resources in order to maximize your chances of finding out what happened to her. Deleting stuff and installing stuff consumes power, so you need to pay attention to all information before you delete it.

The game is fully on her cell phone and you can browse apps, messages, and pictures saved on the phone as you discover more about her personal life. You need to find out her real side and what happened to her.

Try out L: An Interactive Mystery. It’s like the ultimate phone snooping simulator. It plays right in the browser so no downloaded in necessary.

  • Pretty cool idea
  • Manage battery and storage as you snoop
  • It’s creepy and awesome simultaneously
  • The passwords can get kind of annoying
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Game Information

Status: Complete

Published: 8/13/18

Platforms: Windows, Mac

Engine: Unity

Genre: Puzzle

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: Cercle Games

Developer page: Go



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Gameplay Video

TBA =].

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