SkyHearth (Alpha) – Skyrim Meets Minecraft

SkyHearth (Alpha) – Skyrim Meets Minecraft

Game Review

SkyHearth is a voxel-based exploration game that’ll instantly remind you of Minecraft.

The graphics, gameplay, and even UI system is very similar to Minecraft. But the game isn’t just some clone. It’s got a lot going for it to separate it from the pack. For starters, the game is a more traditional open world RPG adventure that has you epdloring and fighting enemies to do various things. You can visit cities, do quests, craft, explore, trade, buy a home, loot, raid camps, and more. It’s like a regular RPG that you’d expect from the likes of Diablo or Skyrim, but it plays similar to Minecraft.

The character system is competel with leveling, stats, skills, traits, abilities, and more. You can fight melee, ranged, and magic depending on your playstyle.

If you like RGPs, give SkyHeartha try.

  • Very polished
  • Plays like a traditional RPG
  • Minecraft-style graphics
  • Lots to do and atmospheric environment
  • May not appeal to hardcore RPG fans
Game Information

Status: Alpha


Platforms: Windows

Engine: –

Genre: RPG

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: Brainstew Entertainment

Developer page: Go


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