Battalion 1944 (Early Access) – A 5v5 WWII Squad-Based Twitch Shooter Developed by the Community

Battalion 1944 (Early Access) – A 5v5 WWII Squad-Based Twitch Shooter Developed by the Community

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Battalion 1944 is Battlefield-esque game that could be next competitive shooter.

It brings back the original FPS nostalgia and refines it with modern game mechanics and graphics.

It doesn’t have the giant 64-player maps that Battlefield is famous for, but rather takes the same gameplay mechanics and puts into a squad-based infantry combat. So it’s kind of like a blend between Counter-Strike with strategic elements and Battlefield with the shooting mechanics. There’s also a bit of Call of Duty thrown in as well based on the screenshots and gameplay videos.

The game will have accurate weapon operations where you’ll have to flick shots with a Kar98 or cover fire with your Thompson. It features extreme clutch scenarios and mastering it is difficult as Counter-Strike. Fluid movement and team coordination are key to winning the game.

It’s basically CS:GO in 1944.

It’s currently using UE4 for its physics and graphics, so the game looks very modern with stunning visuals. Battalion 1944 aims to reintroduce FPS quirks from old-school games. In fact, the dev team is composed of CoD, Wolfenstein, and CS players. They also took community feedback from pro FPS players and over 10,000 suggestions. A lot of work went into building this game.

It features both dedicated server browsing and LAN support for mulitiplayer support. There are also plans for community mods which will instantly make the game that much more popular. Mod support is almost a necessity for a game to be accepted by the masses nowadays (for indie titles, that is).

There are also plans for ranked stats and a ladder with competitive matchmaking (MMR). It’s a classic shooter based on skill. No unfair advantages. It’s all about twitch reflexes and precise aiming. No bonus streaks. No powerups. No gimmicks.

Since the game is 5v5, you’ll probably find yourself in 1v5 clutch situations a lot. This is pretty extreme and the whole game will be based on your skill. If you’ve played any competitive shooter, you’ll know the amazing feeling you get when you kill 5 enemies all by yourself.

You’ll be able to loot enemy weapons to use in the next round as well. Every choice you make determines the overall victory. The combat is fast-paced with little roaming and camping. It’s indeed a twitch shooter but based purely on skill.

There are also casual modes as well for less hardcore FPS gamers. You can choose from TDM, Domination, and Capture the Flag. You can play competitive and unranked matches as well. Choose from online servers or LAN servers. Lots of options.

The community behind this game is huge already. The devs took a lot of time to make this game competitive and fair with lots of input. This is a game that’ll evolve based on player feedback.

Battalion 1944 already looks extremely promising with its fast-paced combat, mod support, lots of matchmaking options, possible tournament-level gameplay, and a supportive dev team. This could be the next big FPS.

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  • Plays like a classic shooter with modern elements
  • Purely skill-based
  • No gimmicks
  • 5v5 squad-based combat
  • Non-hardcore casual players can also enjoy it
  • Leaderboards
  • Competitive matchmaking system
  • Mod support
  • Dev team support
  • May not be casual enough for casual players
  • Will mod support be restrictive?
  • Could be awesome wtih 10v10 mode as well
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Game Information

Status: Early Access

Published: –

Platforms: Windows

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Genre: Shooter

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: Bulkhead Interactive

Developer page: Go


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