Dock Sitting (Complete) – Take Some Time Out and Just Relax With This Narrative

Dock Sitting (Complete) – Take Some Time Out and Just Relax With This Narrative

Game Review

Dock Sitting is a short introspective narrative experience where you play as a person sitting alone on a dock and reflecting life.

It’s not really about the gameplay but more of the experience. The game has you seeing the events in someone’s life in a first-person perspective. You get a little bit of backstory through thoughts and object interactions, but the majority of the game is just experiencing the experience. Get immersed on the dock. Take in the sea. Watch the moonlight. Listen to the waves. It’s really a work of art.

The game is definitely not for everyone though. It has some very basic interaction so it can be dull for some players. The game has a set scene so there’s not much to explore either.

But if you’re will be open-minded, you’ll appreciate the game for its simplicity. It has some nice artwork using geometric features and a sense of security through the music. The game expresses a simple human story as you share ane experience with the developer. It’s genius, real, and features a very relaxing experience that just slows down the everyday bustle.

Take some time and play Dock Sitting for that ounce of time to relax and sit by the docks.

  • Very relaxing
  • Easy on the eyes
  • Not for everyone
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Game Information

Status: Complete

Published: 7/15/18

Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux

Engine: Unity

Genre: Simulator

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: qube

Developer page: Go


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Gameplay Video

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