One Small Step is a game like QWOP.

One Small Step (Prototype) – A Walking Simulator like QWOP That’ll Piss You Off

Game Description

Like QWOP? Then you’ll like One Small Step.

It’s a ragdoll physics game where you have to make an insect spider-robot thing walk. It’s a weird little thing with three legs and you need to walk to the finish line. That’s it.

The game has no other purpose than to piss you off. You need to only walk a few meters to the finish line and it’s very difficult.

You need to control the top portion and the lower portion of three legs, so that’s six parts total. It’s a lot more difficult than QWOP and you’ll have a very angry time trying to complete it.

It keeps track of your distance and your best distance.

There’s also an extra control- the shift key.

This will expand and contract your legs. As if it weren’t difficult enough. The game has some funny sound effects and you’ll probably like it at first, but then get pissed off. But that’s okay. It’s why it’s fun. Probably.

You use the Q, W, E, A, S, D to control the legs and Shift to expand or contract. You can control the camera with the arrow keys at the same time. Is that enough for you?

Let’s see if you can walk. Spiders make it look too easy. Try out One Small Step.

  • It’ll piss you off
  • Control 12 things at once
  • It’ll piss you off
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Game Information

Status: Prototype (In Development)

Published: 9/21/17

Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux

Engine: –

Genre: Simulator

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard

Developer Information

Developer: Liamd de Valmency

Developer page: Go



(Via developer page.)

Gameplay Video

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Download and Play One Small Step (Prototype)



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