Urban Explorer Golf (Early Access) – Play Golf in Your Own Office (and Break Everything) in This Funny Physics-Based Golf Sim

Urban Explorer Golf (Early Access) – Play Golf in Your Own Office (and Break Everything) in This Funny Physics-Based Golf Sim

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Urban Explorer Golf is a physics-based golf game that takes place in the metro city.

Similar to WHAT THE GOLF?, Urban Explorer Golf is a new take on the old putt-and-green tradition! You don’t need a golf course, nor a putting green, nor even a green to play a nice round of urban golf. The game has you putting your golfball throughout multiple rooms in your skyscraper apartment and office space. The environment is half the fun. It’s super detailed and makes you feel cozy.

Your goal is to hit your ball through many common obstacles in order to get it into the hole. You’ll need to hit the ball at the right angle and strength (kinda like Angry Birds) in order to get it to fly over or under desks, tables, boxes, ceiling, doorframes, and a lot more everyday objects you’d never think about trying to get a golf ball through.

Each level has a variety of obstacles you’ll need to golf around and can take quite a while. You can change your ball type in order to facilitate your trajectory. Some balls have different properties compared to others (well, they all do).

You can use a tennis ball which flies super far, or a balloon for shorter distances. There’s also a bowling ball which is used to break through obstacles and a football for distance and damage. You can swap balls and you’ll have to adjust accordingly depending on the layout of the course! There are 4 different types for different situations.

The game also has boss fights as well. It combines exploration via golfing on over 70 levels. The levels are nearly completely destructible and everything you destroy grants you cash to unlock skins and more levels.

The game will eventually also have a multiplayer mode with a matchmaking system as well. You can play against friends and whoever gets the ball in the goal first wins the game. This feature will be awesome. You can also select from a variety of environments like on a rooftop, space, underwater, wild west, or even in a horror land.

As with any physics-based game, it’s guaranteed to offer a good time. It takes a relaxed and chill approach to the concept of golf and simulates how it would be like to play golf in your own office or apartment without breaking anything.

The game is funny with a tongue-in-cheek kind of humor. The enviornment is comical and the art style is simple. It’s very entertaning to see all the creative work and detail that went into this golf sim. It the kind of game you’ll take a “swing” at and not know what just happened- kind of like Happy Wheels. Give it a try. You’ll get a few chuckles. You’ll smile a bit. You’ll have a good time.

Try out the demo of Urban Explorer Golf using the link below.

And if you like the game, you can back it on Kickster here.

  • It’s an urban golf sim
  • Use a variety of balls with different flight patterns and hit power
  • Get across, around, and through different everyday obstacles you’d never think about hitting a golfball through
  • Huge levels to play
  • Simple artwork and design (very appealing)
  • Physics-based gameplay ensures laughs
  • It’s easy to lose your patience and get frustrated at some points
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Game Information

Status: Early Access


Platforms: Windows

Engine: –

Genre: Simulator

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: CatBit Software

Developer page: Go


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