T-ROT The Last Probe (Complete) – A Third-Person Shooter and Tower Defense in One

T-ROT The Last Probe (Complete) – A Third-Person Shooter and Tower Defense in One

Game Review

T-ROT The Last Probe is a difficult third-person shooter with a mix of tower defense all into one game.

You play as a small robot who needs to defend his cargo from invading attackers. You have a variety of weapons that range from automatics to rocket launchers, but you also have the ability to command an entire fleet of towers to defend your cargo!

The game plays in waves similar to any TD game. You have a choice of seven total different towers but you get to only select four at the beginning of each match. You can choose from Flames, Lasers, Electric, Turrets, and Barricades. There are a total of seven waves of enemies with a big boss at the end.

Each wave ends and allows you to build your defense just like any other TD game. You can place turrets, block paths, and use your strategies that you’ve gained all throughout the years to take on another exciting TD. The third-person shooting phase is probably the most entertaining and you work synergistically with your turrets.

Each wave gets progressively more difficult with the boss being the kicker. If you like TD, try out T-ROT The Last Probe for a fusion of genres. The game’s page and description are in French, but you can easily use a translator to translate it.

  • Unique fresh take on the TD genre
  • Use a variety of turrets and guns
  • Command your defense network to defend the cargo
  • Realistic graphics
  • Very difficult
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Game Information

Status: Complete

Published: –

Platforms: Windows

Engine: Unity

Genre: Strategy

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: creajeux

Developer page: Go


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