Fight the Horror (Beta) – It’s Zombie Survival Infused with Battle Royale

Game Review

Fight the Horror is a multiplayer third-person survival horror RPG.

The game pits two teams in a map where both teams need to solve puzzles and work together in order to solve puzzles and defend against creatures in a city. They need to survive a whole week. That’s the basic layout of how the game works.

The two teams consist of 2v2 with both parties doing what they can to survive the city. Everything from resource gathering, hunting zombies, and even killing the other players for resources is all included. But it’s not the other team that’s the issue- it’s plentiful of zombies.

The game is split into a day/night cycle with the daytime being the time to build up your defenses or collect resources for the night. At nighttime, that’s when the creatures come out. You’ll need to work with your partner and scavenge weapons, kill enemies, collect stuff, and solve puzzles. This is the first type of game with teams working against each other in a zombie-infested city ever made I believe. I haven’t seen any other game like this before.

You can try out the beta for Fight the Horror here.

  • Co-op battle royale zombie game
  • Collect resources, get guns, kill other teams and zombies
  • Unique concept for a zombie survival game
  • If one team kills the other before the days are up, half the fun is over
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Game Information

Status: Beta


Platforms: Windows

Engine: –

Genre: Survival

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: Fight the Horror

Developer page: Go








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