Lost to Time is a 2D sidescrolling indie platformer.

Lost to Time (Early Access) – An Indie Platformer Where You have the Ability to Pause Time


Game Description

Lost to Time is a 2D sidescrolling action platformer where you need to hack and slash your way through time.

It’s a pretty fast-paced platformer that’ll remind you of other 2D legends like Contra. The game takes place in a gothic-themed world where you play as a hero who has the ability to control the flow of time. This is a unique take to the genre as not many other games have this concept. You can pause time using the “CTRL” key, which can level the playing field and allow you to get past enemies that are in your way.

The game is an RPG, but plays like a platformer.

Using your time control abilities, you can find your enemies’ weaknesses. You’ll have to use your abilities in order to defeat an assortment of enemies throughout each level. By being able to stop the flow of time, you have an extended window to kill and defeat the baddies littered throughout each level.

There are also bosses. They’re tough. You’ll have to pretty much be a master at this game to kill them (or go through a lot of trial and error). The Early Access version of Lost to Time has two bosses for you to defeat.

There’s also something called “Magi” you’ll find as you play through the game. Magi lets you unlock various attacks and weapon selection. It’s basically like changing forms or characters. Each different version allows you to alter your weapon, abilities, and combat style. You can swap through them and use the style that suits you. You can find up to three Magi and each one is distinctly different from the others. It’s actually like playing the game with a completely different experience with each different Magi.

Lost to Time has gorgeous retro 2D graphics with colorful sprites and level design. It’s very appealing to look at and will have you going nostalgic.

You can try out the demo of Lost to Time using the link below. It’s still in Early Access but already looks very promising. If you like games like Shovel Knight, Contra, or Bloodborne, you’ll like this game. Try it out.

There are plans for additional characters, enemies, bosses, a storyline, and even an open-world. This would make it seem like a true RPG with all these basic elements implemented. As of now, the game plays like a platformer with RPG elements. But adding more features will balance it out. You get the feeling that it wants to be an RPG with a platforming gameplay style, but it’s not fully there yet.


  • Awesome platforming fast-paced action
  • RPG elements
  • Different Magi which means different play styles and weapons
  • Plans for open-world, a coehsive storyline, and other characters
  • Time control
  • Bosses are difficult
  • Needs more time controls
  • Some hitboxes need work
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Game Information

Status: Early Access (In Development)

Published: 9/11/17

Platforms: Windows

Engine: Unity

Genre: Action, Adventure

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: colossusjak2

Developer page: Go


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