Tiger Knight (Early Access) – A Hack and Slash Game with Epic Wars in Ancient China

Tiger Knight (Early Access) – A Hack and Slash Game with Epic Wars in Ancient China

Game Review

Tiger Knight is a hack and slash nonstop action game that’ll remind you of legendary classics like Mount and Blade.

It’s a tribute to old-school games and focuses on having tons of enemies on screen at once as you fight your way through the crowds and complete the objectives. It takes place in ancient China (200 BC) and pits you and your army against other generals in large-scale battles.

Tiger Knight didn’t just release, but it was recently acquired by another publisher so the game is under new control at this point.

If you’ve played Dynasty Warriors, you’ll know exactly how the game works. It’s super fun to just dive into a crowd Rambo-style and just slice everyone up like a hero. It’s a Steam Greenlight game that brings some action to the genre.

You’ll choose one of three historic armies which were once prominent in China during the Three Kindom timeframe. The game isn’t historically accurate completely, but there are references with the environments, battle names, general names, and even weapons used during that time. But you’re not playing it to take a history class- the game offers nonstop action that’s just so satisfying. It does aim to be as accurate as possible though. It even uses real-life weapons to recreate the sound effects.

Each army has its pros and cons and a variety of troops like archers, infantry, cavalry, and more. The game utilizes Unreal 3 tech and PhysX as well.

You get to pick from a variety of game modes. For starters, there’s Command Mode. This is the basic mode with 10-14 players command 1 adjutant and up to 40 soldiers with Conquest and Siege modes. Then there’s Duel Mode, which pits you against up to 16 enemy generals with 15 allies on your side (so it’s 16v16 general battles). And then there’s Epic War which has you and other players working together as a team to defeat the computer AI in a variety of historic battles. They’re all awesome and offer a ton of fun.

You’ll have basic missions to complete on each level. The game has decent AI, but they’re not really that advanced. But that’s not the point. You’re here to jump in and wipe them out and get that satisfaction. Though this may not appeal to all players, it sure is satisfying to do so!

There’s also a sense of strategy once you really get into the game. Your location and attack points matter. The wars are absolutely huge and will require a decent computer to run them smoothly.

There’s also a ton of unlockables like new equips and such.

Dynasty Warriors was good, but there was no online interaction. Tiger Knight combines that gameplay with actual players commanding the armies or generals. You’d think this would’ve rolled out a while ago, but now you have it.

Try out Tiger Knight if you like hack and slash. You’ll mainly be playing online with other players anyway- so the AI isn’t really an issue unless you plan to only play the campaign. The battles do get pretty epic so be ready. Grab your huge spear, mount your horse, and lead your army to victory in China!


  • Epic wars with hundreds of troops on-screen at once
  • Variety of game modes
  • Unlockable equips
  • Decent artwork
  • Hack and slash action that’s nonstop
  • Online support
  • AI is poor at some parts
  • Campaign mode isn’t that impressive with a weak storyline
  • Gets pretty repetitive
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Game Information

Status: Early Access

Published: 1/11/18

Platforms: Windows, macOS

Engine: –

Genre: Adventure

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: NetDragon Websoft Inc.

Developer page: Go


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