B.C.E (Beta)

B.C.E (yes, it’s spelled like that) is a physics-based multiplayer combat game. It incorporates a top-down view and you basically attack other players in a physics sandbox that feels like you’re playing QWOP. The funny part about B.C.E is that you’re a caveman and you can only use weapons in the stone age…like rocks. So … Read moreB.C.E (Beta)

Before (Beta)

Before is a low-poly prehistoric survival game developed by a team at Facepunch Studios. They’re also making a few other gems like Wiseguys (and have made Garry’s Mod, Rust, and a few more). Before is an amazing game with awesome visuals. You play as a human and you need to explore different landscapes and wildlife. … Read moreBefore (Beta)

Kritika Online (Beta)

Kritica Online is a game with quality gameplay that’s action packed and good visuals. It’s a brawler at its core with quick combat and quests that can be finished quickly. You can choose from different classes that evolve into subclasses as you progress through the game. It’s not an open-world MMORPG. It’s more of brawler … Read moreKritika Online (Beta)

Queen of the Versparians

Queen of the Versparians is a point and click indie game where you take on the role of an alien bear looking for honey. Yup, you read that right. Does it get any more random with today’s games? It seems like this is the trend for today’s games, anyway. I doubt that’s going to change. … Read moreQueen of the Versparians

The Temple of ADVENTURE (Early Access)

Temple of ADVENTURE review.

The Temple of ADVENTURE is a parody of the Stanely Parable. It’s basically a game where the witty narrator will lead you into thinking you’re about to experience the best game ever made. With lines stating that Temple of ADVENTURE will be full of danger, treasure, adventure, Unreal 4 graphics, and an epic journey to … Read moreThe Temple of ADVENTURE (Early Access)

Stuck in a Pig (Early Access)

Okay, so this is one of those games that are too cute to resist playing. Stuck in a Pig is a cute, childish, and charming game where you play the role of a tiny pig on a farm. You’re a pig on the outside, but you’re a bull on the inside. You feel like you … Read moreStuck in a Pig (Early Access)