Selling Sunlight (Early Access) – An Indie RPG Where You Travel the World as a Masked Merchant Selling Goods

Selling Sunlight (Early Access) – An Indie RPG Where You Travel the World as a Masked Merchant Selling Goods


Game Description

Selling Sunlight is a narrative RPG where you play as a merchant traveling around in a unique fantasy world.

The only problem is that this world…doesn’t move anymore. It’s literally stuck in orbit and because of this, you get a divided world with two states.

One-half of the planet faces the sun and the other face space. So you have one side that’s boiling hot and the other side is frozen solid. Inhabitants only live on the fine line of perpetual dawn in the middle. This line is a weird place with some weird creatures.

Your goal is to make a profit. You’ll need to wander around and meet people, discover cultures, bargain goods, trade fairytales, and see new wonders. It’s a very interesting concept.

The area is called the “Line of Dawn.” You’ll find talking trees, spiders, and bees. There are a total of seven cities, some of which include the Red Temple which has giant mirrors, the Cyan Port where you can eat fish, or even the Violet Army where frozen creatures are scattered all over. The game has a very relaxed and casual tone. It’s more for the story than anything else. Selling Sunlight will have you wandering about and making friends as you explore each area and load up your cart. There are also a few hidden surprises which you probably won’t be prepared for, but they add to the journey.

Meeting new people in the seven different cities is a huge part of the game. You’ll meet nomads, scholars, musicians, botanists, and missionaries. Each person is unique to the game and has their own agenda. Every time you meet someone, you have a drink for the occasion. You can barter with them and even journey together. You’ll keep in touch through letters for the ones you separate from. This is a big part of the game and critical to making a profit.

The bartering system allows you to sell your goods, information, or even just persuade them to give you a friendly discount. You can also import goods and export them from far away cities to get bigger profits. Your mask is your cover and you can easily deceive and lie to others as well. It’s up to you see which role you want to play. The sneaky, manipulative merchant who wants to get profit in any way possible? Or the honest businessman full of integrity?

Selling Sunlight is an awesome little indie RPG that’s worth playing. The graphics, sound, and theme of the game make it a very relaxing game to play that’ll remind you Harvest Moon.

Try it out using the link below and take part in a unique journey. It’s currently in Early Access and is still under development.

  • Unique concept
  • Appealing graphics and sound
  • Befriend people and journey together
  • Barter with others to make profits
  • Explore a world with seven cities that each have something to offer
  • A few surprises here and there
  • Very relaxing gameplay
  • You’ll wish it had more to do and explore
  • Some NPCs could use more personality
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Game Information

Status: Early Access (In Development)

Published: 9/13/17

Platforms: Windows

Engine: –

Genre: Adventure

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: CoseBelle

Developer page: Go


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Gameplay Video

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