Woodfarer (Early Access) – An Immersive and Atmospheric Dungeon-Crawler in the Forest

Game Review

Woodfarer is a gorgeous adventure game that takes place in a colorful forest.

It’s a dungeon-crawler that allows you explore different areas of a post-apocalyptic forest and gather lost spirits and lead them to the exit of it. It takes place with a top-down perspective in a high-contrast world with animated objects that looks like something from the 70s.

The game is awesome because the world around you is constantly generated and always new. It’s about finding your way around a forest with it changing every single time you play, so it’s literally like you’re lost in a forest every playthrough. You’ll have to map out the area and explore it in order to complete the game.

It’s not difficult to complete. All you need to do is get 3 spirts and bring them back to the giant shrine. But every time you play, it’s a different layout. It’s almost like a minigame of some sort. Each time you collect a spirit, it’ll follow you around like a duckling. You can carry multiple ones at the same time. You also get a handy-dandy compass that acts like a sonar reticule to help you locate the entities.

The map has a variety of things to keep you busy- enemies that chase you around, archers and giant frog-humans that try to take you down, and even some puzzles that you’ll have to solve. The spirts you collect can help you fight off the baddies and some are necessary to solve the puzzles as well.

As you may have guessed, Woodfarer is all about exploration. If you explore, you’ll wander into a lost forest every time you play. There’s a lot to see and interact with. Explore the woods. Take down the baddies. Solve the puzzles. Get the treasures.

It’s all about exploration. The game can be completed in just a few minutes if you rush through it. But if you’re the type that likes to take their time (and maybe even roleplay a bit), you’ll have a really good time with this game. The game rewards you for exploring with some pretty awesome items like HP increases and points.

You need to take your time with Woofarere and immersive yourself to get the full experience.

The game is still very early in development, but it’s already pretty fun tot play. It’s simple but it works. If you’re a fan of discovery, try it out using the link below and have your unique adventure!


  • Explore a unique forest every playthrough
  • Unique, immersive artwork
  • Beautiful landscape
  • Hidden rewards for those who explore
  • Solve puzzles, defeat baddies, and explore!
  • Different environments would’ve been awesome with the same concept
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Game Information

Status: Early Access

Published: 3/5/18

Platforms: Windows, macOS

Engine: –

Genre: Adventure

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: YasamanFararureliusSadegh Broomand

Developer page: Go


(Via Developer/Game Page)

Gameplay Video

Download and Play Woodfarer (Early Access)


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