The Blackout Club (Beta) – Unique Indie Horror Where You Play as a Group of Teenagers Exposing a Dark Secret

Game Review

The Blackout Club is an awesome, surreal indie horror game like you’ve never seen before.

It’s a game where you play as a group of teenage students that have decided to investigate and document the activities of a few select people of interest- who happen to be adults in the neighborhood. Something fishy is going on and you and your friends want to figure it out.

The game takes place in a typical suburban neighborhood- complete with houses, streetlights, cars, mailboxes, and a dark secret. The game is being developed by a small team called Question, who also made The Magic Circle. It’s considered to be a horror game, but it’s not the kind where something jumps out at you in a forest, school, or pizza shack.

But rather, the game has you playing the role of a teenager who constantly blacks out at nighttime and wakes up in the morning with scars, mud, and marks all over- in other words, this kid gets roughed up at night and doesn’t know why. This person has no memories of it and sometimes the whole day is forgotten.

This kid then quickly realizes that both strangers and friends in the ‘hood also are suffering from the same issue. So they all get together to form an investigation club to find out what exactly is going on. You control one of them. You bond with your friends about this dark, shared secret. You’ll quickly find out that there’s a tunnel system underground and that brings your quest. (And you also notice a very disturbing music track playing through the tunnels as well.)

Then your best friend vanishes overnight. And that’s when things get spooky.

The adults in the neighborhood have been acting weird and you all decided to document their behaviors. You need to spy on them, stalk them, record them on film, and find out what they’re up to. You all need to uncover the truth. You all have a secret tunnel system you’ve built as a path for your reports, but you’ll quickly notice that it’s not exactly safe in there. As the game progresses, it gets darker and darker.

The Blackout Club is like a twisted modern horror game. It offers co-op gameplay rather than single player. But even with others, it’s still pretty scary in its own way. It’s not the jumpscare type, but rather the thrilling type. You play as teenage investigators that are trying to find out what is happening and capture it all on film to prove its real. It’s suspenseful, dark, and extremely immersive. It’s like when you’re reading a good horror book and you just get immersed and scared- even though it’s just a book. The Blackout Club has the same effect.

You need to outwit the adult and record the conspiracy on film. There are many ways to get around the challenges in the game and multiple ways to solve each one.

The game will have a detailed and living world. It’s completely simulated and familiar-looking, yet strangely eerie. You’ll never get the same game twice with multiple branching paths and solutions to uncover the adults’ secret. Every single night is a new investigation, kind of like how Five Nights at Freddy’s is separated into different nights.

If you’re looking for a unique horror game with a nice twist and a fresh new approach, check out The Blackout Club. It’s available for sign up using the link below. Be one of the first kids on the block (the “cool kids”).

  • A fresh new take on indie horror
  • Unique concept
  • Discover the neighborhood in a realistic simulated environment
  • Co-op focused gameplay
  • Immersive and atmospheric
  • BioShock veterans will have a lot to judge – the bar has been set
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Game Information

Status: Beta


Platforms: Windows

Engine: –

Genre: Horror

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse, Controller

Developer Information

Developer: Question

Developer page: Go


(Via Developer/Game Page)

Gameplay Video

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