Atomic Heist (Beta)

Game Description

Atomic Heist is a 2D space shooter with a dungeon crawling experience. Does that make sense?

It’s a top-down shooter but you crawl dungeons. You explore new levels that are procedurally generated so they’re fresh.

You’ll have to blast through baddies, grab powerups, upgrades, and other goodies to beat the levels. You can also get a selection of spaceships (including unlockables), weapons, and modifiers to boost your ship, weaken enemy ships, or even affect your loot.

You need to stop the enemies from building the ultimate doomsday device.

Atomic Heist is both an arcade shooter and a dungeon crawler, so you get elements from both genres. You have limited ammo and it’s very easy to take damage if you don’t dodge enemy fire or have quick reflexes. It’s a tough game, but very rewarding.

If you like arcade shooters, especially space ones, check out Atomic Heist. It’s a new indie game and it’s awesome.


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Game Information

Status: Beta (in development)

Published: 5/8/17

Platforms: Windows

Genre: Arcade

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse, Xbox 360 Controller

Developer Information

Developer: Live Aliens

Developer page: Go


(Via Developer Page.)



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