The Alpinist (Beta)

The Alpinist is an immersive game. You scale a huge mountain and explore caves, cliffs, and other nature scenes. It’s almost like a nature walk simulator. You play as a woman who decided to climb a mountain with all the equipment you need to scale it. You have flares for dark areas, you have grappling … Read more

Stellar Codex (Alpha)

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Similar to NIGHTSTAR: Rogue Wings, Stellar Codex is another game that’s very similar to Star Fox. It’s a 2D/3D shooter with an arcade touch- mixed with on-rails combat. It’s like Star Fox in many ways. You could see Stellar Codex as a very inspired¬†game by Star Fox, but then again, there are no annoying squadmates … Read more

Atomic Heist (Beta)

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Atomic Heist is a 2D space shooter with a dungeon crawling experience. Does that make sense? It’s a top-down shooter but you crawl dungeons. You explore new levels that are procedurally generated so they’re fresh. You’ll have to blast through baddies, grab powerups, upgrades, and other goodies to beat the levels. You can also get … Read more