Greetings is a cinematic experiencing featuring the Unreal 4 Engine. It’s a first-person atmospheric walk trhough the insides of a spaceship. It’s a quick game (if you can call it that) so be prepared to look for your next game. You can finish it it under 5 minutes even if you look around and explore. … Read moreGreetings

SOS: The Ultimate Escape (Alpha)

If you like Battle Royale games, you’ll probably like SOS: The Ultimate Escape. It’s a twist on the popular genre where you’re on an island with other players and you need to make it out alive. There are 16 people on the island that need to duke it out to escape. You must outsmart and … Read moreSOS: The Ultimate Escape (Alpha)

The Alpinist (Beta)

The Alpinist is an immersive game. You scale a huge mountain and explore caves, cliffs, and other nature scenes. It’s almost like a nature walk simulator. You play as a woman who decided to climb a mountain with all the equipment you need to scale it. You have flares for dark areas, you have grappling … Read moreThe Alpinist (Beta)

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam (Beta)

Beta key Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.

If you’ve been waiting for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, it’s now available in open beta. You can now download it and into in an all out war against the Vietnamese as the US armed forces or vice versa. Rising Storm 2 was in closed beta until recently, so now it’s available for download. If you’ve … Read moreRising Storm 2: Vietnam (Beta)