Pink White and Blue (Early Access) – A Horror-Themed Emotionally-Driven Experience Exploring Some Dark Subjects

Pink White and Blue (Early Access) – A Horror-Themed Emotionally-Driven Experience Exploring Some Dark Subjects

Game Review

Pink, White or Blue is an emotionally-driven story-based narrative adventure game.

It combines a powerful narrative experience with a touch of horror. It’s not exactly a horror game, but you can definitely feel the eerieness of it when you play. You’re a transgender person in a binary male/female world and you need to face the consequences.

You’re a pretty feminine person and you’re exploring a country farm ranch. You pluck some flowers and groom some horses. It’s a simplistic and relaxing atmospheric experience. Everything is pretty and gorgeous to look at, but then you start finding an abandoned comic book that depicts the story of another person who’s having a pretty bad time.

Then you start to envision their life and go through all the pain and suffering they went through.

The game covers some pretty dark areas but at the same time, it’s a very emotional and meaningful experience. Without spoiling the game, you’ll be exploring a beautiful environment from a perspective of a horror film. The game is pretty trippy and touches on the psyche.

You’ll get a nice mesmerizing experience that makes you think twice about the world itself.

Try out Pink, White or Blue using the link and try it out for free.

  • Gorgeous artwork
  • Story-driven experience
  • Horror theme
  • Narrated
  • Unique
  • Pretty emo and depressing at some parts
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Game Information

Status: Early Access

Published: 5/6/18

Platforms: Windows

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Genre: Adventure

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: EsmadaInteractive

Developer page: Go


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Gameplay Video

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