Rusty’s Rail (Early Access) – A Relaxing Clicker Game with Nice Black and White Artwork

Rusty’s Rail (Early Access) – A Relaxing Clicker Game with Nice Black and White Artwork

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Rusty’s Rail is a relaxed and wondrous little clicker game.

You run a transportation company and you need to deliver customers around the country. By doing so, you earn cash. use that cash to get some upgrades and repeat the process. You know how it is- it’s a clicker game.

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The old steam train you’re running is pretty awesome. You ned to manage it as it moves from station to station and such. The game isn’t super complex, as each level has you just choosing a location and that’s it. You can click on the train to make it move faster and upgrade it at each station. The game has upgrades that allow you to improve the cabin, engine, and auto engine.

As with any clicker game, there isn’t much to it, but it’s still pretty interesting to play. You’ll likely get an hour or so out of it. The game has some nice artwork as you traverse between stations and you can relax with the scenery and listen to the calming music. There are also random incidents that take place on the train that are pretty entertaining to read. Passengers can do some pretty random things.

If you’re looking for a relaxing clicker game, try out Rusty’s Rail using the following link. It’s worth a play just for the chilled-out gameplay and atmosphere. Check out the artwork.

  • Relaxed gameplay
  • Clicker upgrades
  • Nice scenery
  • Pretty basic
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