Ruben’s Puppets (Early Access) – A Fantasy RTS Adventure With Puppets and Bows!

Ruben’s Puppets (Early Access) – A Fantasy RTS Adventure With Puppets and Bows!

Game Review

Ruben’s Puppets is an RTS game that combines third-person action.

The game is loosely based on RTS games where you build up a huge army and send them out to destroy hordes of enemies. In this game, you don’t necessarily do that, but it works in a different way that’s very indirect. You need to build up puppets and send them out to fight with a mix of third-person gameplay.

You explore an old puppet workshop in first-person and get to see some of the cool designs they came up with. The world is colorful and the graphics are very attractive. The game uses some simple and cartoony fantasy animations that you’d expect from a Disney movie or something.

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You’ll then see a talking puppet and its assistant who lets you know that you need to rescue the master because he’s been imprisoned by one of his followers when he got addicted to his puppets. You need to enter the puppet world and build up an army of puppets and bring back the puppet maker.

The game then switches to a third-person perspective and you need to help find the master by aiding wooden puppets to fight the evil tin ones. There’s a huge war going on and you’re the one to make a difference. You’re armed with a bow which can be used to break stuff and collect coins to build more units. You don’t control units or anything, it’s very loosely based on RTS like I said above.

The game is sitll in alpha and it’s pretty awesome. It’s about half an hour of playtime and you can dive into a fairy tale world that’ll remind you of Pinnochio.

It has a nice storyline, a detialed and lush fantasy enviorment, and a nostalgic adventure feeling that brings back the old-school N64 days. The RTS elements and combat systme work nicely together and the whole concept is rather unique. Ruben’s Puppets is worth taking a shot at.

  • Unique idea
  • Combines RTS and adventure
  • Nice artwork
  • Demo is way too easy
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