Otto and the Ancient Worlds (Early Access) – An Old-School Action Platformer with NES Gameplay

Otto and the Ancient Worlds (Early Access) – An Old-School Action Platformer with NES Gameplay

Game Review

Otto and the Ancient Worlds is a funny little platforming adventure that’s full of laughs.

It’s an action platformer that’s pretty difficult and will remind you of the old-school NES platformers. It’s an old 8-bit hybrid of Mega Man and Castlevania. You play as a hero looking for your partner in a huge cave system somewhere in Greece.

His name is Otto, with obvious references to Indiana Jones who’s on a search for his partner who’s been gone. He needs to track her down in a cave system somewhere in Greece called the Diros Caves.

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The caves are dark and riddled with monsters, traps, lava pits, and some pretty epic baddies.

The game is hard. It’s a platformer that’ll have you raging and nearly throwing your keyboard across the screen and playing NES instead. You’ll encounter some characters from history as well. It’s an awesome combination of action platforming, humorous dialog, and action platforming. The boss fights are also awesome.

You play in an ancient library filled with books, each with a magical folklore that you’ll have to play through! You’ll likely recognize most of these stories as you grew up with them. The game features 8 levels and each boss grants Otto a new ability afterwards.

If you’re looking for a funny action platformer, try out Otto and the Ancient Worlds using the link. It’s a game worth playing just for the randomness.

  • Lots of colorful artwork
  • 8-bit graphics
  • Funny
  • Nice dialog
  • Touch of randomness
  • Boss fights will make you rage
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