Woodsy (Complete) – Explore the Woods in this Creepy First-Person Horror Adventure

Woodsy (Complete) – Explore the Woods in this Creepy First-Person Horror Adventure

Game Review

Woodsy is a horror first-person puzzle game where you explore some lost woods.

You start the game as a stranger locked outside your cabin in the woods. You have no keys to unlock your door, so you’re trapped outside. You need to go looking for the keys that you dropped somewhere in the forest. And that’s when things get spooky.

Woodsy is a short little horror adventure with nice retro pixel artwork. As you explore the scary forest, you’ll have to talk with the variety of monsters that live in it. It’s not really a jumpscare type of horror game, but rather learn about the tales of the monsters that inhabit the forest. I wouldn’t even say it’s really a horror game, but a horror-themed game.

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You get the feeling that something will jump out at you anytime!

It’s a pretty short game and there are only a few basic puzzles, but the artwork, dialog, and presentation is awesome and makes Woodsy is a nice little adventure game for anyone to play. You’re also in for some unexpected surpises as well!

  • Nice pixel artwork
  • Horror-themed first-person puzzle
  • Solve puzzles
  • Talk with the creatures
  • Surprises that you won’t expect
  • Short but sweet
  • Basic puzzles that are easy
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