Witchbeat (Complete) – A Rhythmic Dungeon Crawler with Fairies, Blobs, and Music-Based Spells

Witchbeat (Complete) – A Rhythmic Dungeon Crawler with Fairies, Blobs, and Music-Based Spells

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Witchbeat is an awesome dungeon crawler with a musical twist!

As you do your dungeon crawling, you need to use a rhythmic take in order to crawl the dungeon and save the mystic fairies. Well, it’s not really a dungeon. It’s more like a warehouse or something.

Anyway, you need to rescue the owners of the warehouse who happen to be fairies and clean up the place. There are dangers and hazards everywhere and you need to take out all the baddies and hazards using your magic.

As you approach an enemy or object that you can clean up, a little circle will appear that engulfs them. Then you need to use your magical attacks and time it to the music in order to cast your fairy spells.

It’s a pretty interesting take and gives a nice catchy challenge. Some enemies take more attacks than others while some can be taken down easily. Your spells work through some thin obstacles like walls and such so you can kill enemies that are distant from you. Solve puzzles, get keys, and kill various blobs.

Do this over and over until you save all the fairies. Collect random gems. Read random snippets for backstory. It’s cool. It’s kinda Zelda-like.

Witchbeatt is an awesome little concept and worthy of a play whether or not you like dungeon crawlers. It’s funny, catchy, random, and has some nice pixel art and animation that matches the music! It plays in the browser so no download needed.

  • Unique concept
  • Match your attacks to the music
  • Nice pixel art
  • Short and easy
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Game Information

Status: Complete

Published: 4/23/18

Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, HTML5

Engine: PICO-8

Genre: Horror

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: DragonXVI

Developer page: Go


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