Smintheus (Early Access) – A Unique Top-Down Puzzle Adventure with Crafting and Survival RPG Elements

Smintheus is a free indie puzzle adventure game.

Smintheus is a top-down indie puzzle adventure game with amazing artwork, simple puzzles, cute NPCs, and a 1980s OSt. It’s a game that’ll remind you of the old-school classics from the Game Boy era. It features exploration, crafting, and survival elements all into one RPG/adventure hybrid.

Escape from Solar Sea Fortress (Prototype)

Download Escape from Solar Sea Fortress.

  Escape from Solar Sea Fortress is a very chill and relaxing indie puzzle game. You’re basically stranded on a solar sea fortress and you need to escape by solving puzzles. They’re really weird puzzles. You have solar power batteries that you need to screw around with in order to solve puzzles based on mechanics … Read moreEscape from Solar Sea Fortress (Prototype)