Neiva (Complete) – A Beautiful Unique Puzzle Adventure Game Where You Move By “Teleporting”

Neiva (Complete) – A Beautiful Unique Puzzle Adventure Game Where You Move By “Teleporting”

Game Review

Neiva is a gorgeous and stunning-looking puzzle platformer.

I know. We’ve all been on a puzzler crazy recently with our updates. That’s because we all decided to give puzzle game another try. None of us are really puzzle gamers, but with the slew of updates we did covering these games, we really rethought our opinion of them- they’re actually pretty fun.

Anyway, Neiva is yet another indie puzzler and this time it’s a platformer puzzler. It’s kind of like an adventure game where you need to navigate the levels by going sideways just like the classic 2D platformers like Donkey Kong Country.

For some reason, the graphics in this game remind me of DKC but with a much more higher resolution. The artwork is very similar with lush backgrounds and highly-detailed environments that have some odd placements of objects. You’ll see plenty of greenery, tiles, bricks, lights, wood, and mysterious objects. The artwork in this game is superb- you’ll be drawn right in. It’s colorful, simple, and detailed and looks hand-painted.

The gameplay is simple, yet challenging. You control a little avatar who can use projectile orb that travels in a set path and he can then teleport to that orb’s location instantly. You can cycle between three different types of moves, which is required in order to progress through some tougher platforming parts of the game.

Each level features different platforming platforms, hazards, and drops that you’ll need to navigate through by timing your orb projectile ability. Timing and precision are key to beat the game. But it’s not all easy and it’s not all challenging. The difficult is good where it is. Not too hard and not too difficult.

You launch the orb and time your teleport. Then you move on to the next platform and repeat. That’s Neiva in a nutshell.

Eventually, you have to combo your orbs with jumps in one single maneuver, which looks awesome if you pull it off properly. It’s very fluid and the controls are perfect. There is some lag though, but usually, if you fail, it’s not the game’s fault.

However, during the lag, the orb will basically teleport you a tad too late and you’ll end up like a second behind where you wanted to be which can screw up your whole combo and you’ll have to redo it. It’s not really a big issue, but it does mess with your perceptions of the orb.

Overall, Neiva is still an excellent puzzle platformer game and offers plenty of puzzles to keep you busy. It’s an immersive game with its impressive visuals and will take you a while to beat because it has 100 collectibles in the game throughout the levels. They’re not in the easiest of places to teleport to, so it’ll offer quite a challenge for the hardcore platform gamers.

You can try out Neiva using the link below. It’s been abandoned (so it’s basically “complete”) but you can play through a decent chunk of the project.


  • Gorgeous artwork
  • Challenging
  • Unique design
  • Time your moves and use precision jumps
  • Collectables
  • Timing can be a bit off
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Game Information

Status: Abandoned

Published: 4/3/18

Platforms: Windows

Engine: Unity

Genre: Puzzler

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: Neiva

Developer page: Go


(Via Developer/Game Page)

Gameplay Video

Download and Play Neiva (Complete)


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