Toodee and Topdee (Complete) – Switch between Two Perspectives to Beat the Puzzles!

Toodee and Topdee (Complete) – Switch between Two Perspectives to Beat the Puzzles!

Game Review

Toodee and Topdee is a cute indie platformer game that combines puzzle elements in two dimensions!

It’s both a 2D platformer and a top-down puzzler at the same time. On the same screen. It’s one of those puzzle games that have original ideas and a unique way to solve the puzzles.

You play as Toodee and Topdee, two characters from their own respective puzzle games, who get mixed up into one mixed puzzle madness because of a funny glitch in the game code. Now they have to join forces and cooperate in order o beat the game and find the missing piece of code to go back to their original games. Hint: It’s a semicolon (;).

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You can freely switch between the two characters just by pressing a single key. It switches your controls and your perspective between the two puzzle modes. It works very well and switches instantly on the fly. The two characters can’t directly interact with each other, but they need to work together if they want to solve the puzzles and continue their little adventure!

You can interact with objects in the worlds to change the environment in order to progress. The current build offers a nice sample of levels and each one is notably unique and a little more difficult than the previous ones. The game also has a platform element that’s pretty difficult as well. It’s really a true puzzle platformer game and it’s free to play using the link below.

Check out Toodee and Topdee for some unique original puzzle action!

  • Original artwork
  • Unique concept
  • Combines platforming and puzzle solving
  • Switch between characters instantly
  • Awesome puzzles
  • It’d be cool to have co-op
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