Paracusia (Early Access) – Spooky Old-School Survival Horror like Resident Evil in the PSX Days

Paracusia (Early Access) – Spooky Old-School Survival Horror like Resident Evil in the PSX Days

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Paracusia is a third-person survival horror game indie adventure where you need to escape from an “abandoned” movie theater.


It really draws from the Resident Evil atmosphere back in PSX days. The game will throw you back into the early 90s with the classic horror you’d expect. You have tank controls, resource management, puzzles, monsters, and the iconic static camera. What’s especially creepy about Paracusia is the atmosphere. It has the RE feel, but at the same time, the monsters are a lot more horrifying in my opinion.

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RE is known for zombies, but Paracusia takes it to a whole new level. The monsters are like straw scarecrows or something and they all wear white masks like No Face. They come in different sizes and readily attack you. The game has a creepy atmosphere and plenty of tense times and scary jumps. It’s a very immersive experience that’ll make you think this was a Resident Evil fan game.

Of course, it comes with the traditional problems that older horror games had. The camera does jump and you get jump shock and weird camera positions. Aiming is difficult. Combat is blocky. But it’s awesome. It’s just what you’d want from an older survival horror game. The limited resources also mean you need to conserve ammo or else resort to your knife, which will probably get you killed.

Paracusia is definitely a horror game worth checking out. The atmosphere, narrative, and storyline are good. And it’s still in development. If you like old-school survival horror definitely give the game a try.

  • Old-school horror
  • Nice pixel art
  • Immersive
  • Scary monsters
  • Tank controls, resource management, and puzzles
  • Masks
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