Pillars of Skylines (Complete) – A Visually-Impressive Puzzle Platformer that Defies Gravity

Pillars of Skylines (Complete) – A Visually-Impressive Puzzle Platformer that Defies Gravity

Game Review

Pillar of Skylines is a puzzle platformer with some impressive visual effects.

The game has you playing as a holy being where you need to destroy stones that are connecting two giant worlds together. You need to explore every nook and cranny between the worlds within these pillars, which gives the ability for the game to show off some amazing and mesmerizing graphics. You’ll see trees that defy gravity, water that rises, and gravity is a thing of the imagination. In this void, the space between the worlds is an infinite space that loops forever, so if you fall it doesn’t affect your character.

You’ll need to find your way to the stones connecting the worlds in order to investigate them. Once you reach them, you go in and then solve the puzzles that hold the stones together. The game’s puzzles aren’t that difficult, but they’re interesting enough to keep you occupied. You’ll have to learn some stuff from the game’s hints but most of it is just trial-and-error. You can even unlock skills to help your platforming skills like teleportation, wall-running, gliding, and dashing.

It combines both genres into one amazing game. Old temples, sideways forests, and even cave systems have tons of secrets to explore. Pillars of Skylines contains a checkpoint system and areas to uncover with minigames, gravity-bending gameplay, and a lot of other cool stuff to discover.

Because the game is so pretty, it has some lag and frame drops here and there. But it’s one of a kind if you like pretty puzzle adventure game. Try out Pillar of Skylines and see some amazing artwork for yourself and be amazed.

  • Amazing, awesome visuals
  • Unlock skills like teleportation
  • It’s a puzzle platformer like you’ve never seen
  • Framerate issues
  • Trial-and-error
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Game Information

Status: Complete

Published: 7/21/18

Platforms: Windows

Engine: –

Genre: Platformer

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse, Controller

Developer Information

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Gameplay Video

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