Lonely Things (Early Access) – Explore a Terrifying Hotel Where Everything’s Out of Place

Lonely Things (Early Access) – Explore a Terrifying Hotel Where Everything’s Out of Place

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Lonely Things is a first-person horror adventure game that just took off.

You play as a character who just had a very long trip overnight and needs to take a break. The only place around is this remote hotel that looks like it’s falling apart. All you need is a night’s sleep, but you quickly learn that you should’ve looked elsewhere!

When you wake up in your room, you find a note tagged to your door letting you know that your car has vanished. Now what?

It’s time to explore the lonely, dark hotel and find out what’s going on. And it’s that not lonely after all. But you knew this already, right? There are people to interact with, after all.

Lonely Things features nicely detailed 3D artwork with a very atmospheric environment. The hotel is old, dusty, woody, and features a lot of random objects that are out of place and seem like they just don’t belong there. It really gives you an awkward feeling like you’re in a contemporary hotel or something and everything’s just so eerie.

The color palette uses darker tones and really gives rise to the feeling that something is seriously hiding in the hotel with you. There are lights and stuff, but they really don’t help much. It almost feels like you’re in a giant mansion or something.

The ambiance of this game is just amazing. It has a nice backstory and sets it up perfectly for your objective. The sounds, sights, and basic plot all come together for a terrifying experience that features on slowly creeping horror rather than jumpscares. But that’s not to say there aren’t any.

You’ll find character models in this game that really add to the whole creepiness of it. Everything’s a little off and little weird. You’ll wonder what’s going on rather than what’s around the corner. You’ll be tense at many points while you’re exploring the hotel.

The game features a soundtrack as well that’ll suck you right into the horrifying atmosphere. It features creepy notes with just a bit of juice to pump up your anxiety. If you hate creepy and catchy tunes, you’re in for a bad time. It’ll creep you out.

Without spoiling the plot too much, you’ll be looking for items around the hotel. You’ll find some unique touches to the game and plenty of eerie vibes around the place. It goes a little more than just collecting items and running away. You’ll have to play it to find out.

Overall, Lonely Things is a fresh new take on the horror genre. It’s still in development and has a good start so far. Try it out using the link below and let the dev know what you think.

  • Horrifying atmosphere
  • Scary soundtrack
  • Tense immersion
  • Everything’s a little eerie
  • Nice backstory
  • You’ll want to just play the whole game and find out the conclusion
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Game Information

Status: Early Access

Published: 12/29/17

Platforms: Windows, macOS

Engine: –

Genre: Horror

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: jamiesime

Developer page: Go


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Gameplay Video

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