Embuscade (Complete) – A Voxel Horror Game with a Plot Twist You’ll Never Expect

Embuscade (Complete) – A Voxel Horror Game with a Plot Twist You’ll Never Expect

Game Review

Embuscade is a short little voxel-based horror game.

Now, if you’ve played any voxel-based game before, you’ll know that the graphics aren’t exactly the most realistic. They look like blocky sort of like Minecraft.

The game takes voxel style artwork and the horror theme and combines them both into a horrific experience with audio, gritty textures, and subtle lighting. If you think an indie has to have realistic graphics to be scary- think again.

But this game takes it to a whole new level. It utilizes simple effects, lighting, and ingenuity to create a very atmospheric experience that’ll completely immerse you in the game. It’s creepy and you always get the feeling that something is gonna jump out at you. It’s tense.

Without spoiling it, there’s a story to it and so much nuance and horror bundled into a tiny game. It’ll last you just enough to play through the whole game in one session for total immersion. You’ll want to stop playing because the atmosphere gets to you, but you can’t stop. It’s that kinda game.

Embuscade takes place in a strange quarantine industrial area. It gives you the feeling that you’re in a post-apocalyptic world. You just need to solve the mystery. The game has a storyline full of plot twists that you won’t see coming!

It plays similar to Silent Hill and has an original soundtrack to accompany it. It doesn’t make you pick up any keys or objectives. It’s just about the experience.

If you want a quick horror fix with a very twisty story, give Embuscade a try. You’ll like it.

  • Voxel horror
  • Crisp audio and subtle lighting combine to give a horrifying experience
  • Plot twists
  • OST
  • Peculiar mechanics
  • Feels like Silent Hill series
  • You’ll want to keep playing even with the twist
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Game Information

Status: Complete

Published: 10/30/17

Platforms: Windows

Engine: –

Genre: Horror

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: maxparata

Developer page: Go


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Gameplay Video

Download and Play Embuscade (Complete)


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