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Overcrowd (Early Access) – A Strategic Tycoon Game Where You Need to Manage Train Stations in Underground London

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Overcrowd is an awesome little indie isometric strategy game. It’s a “commute ’em up!”

If you’ve any of the Tycoon games, or you’re a fan of business-themed games, you’ll definitely want to check this game out. It’ll be available in Spring 2018 for early access.

You’re basically a transportation tycoon and you need to run, build, expand, and operate stations located in the London Underground. The game plays in a top-down isometric perspective like any other similar game in the same genre. You start out with a small station that’s relatively quiet and eventually, you’ll build your way into a super busy metro station.

You start working on the outer zones and move towards the center of the city and the largest station.

The ultimate goal is to minimize congestion between stations and keep all the commuters traveling efficiently and happy. But it’s a lot more difficult than it sounds!

Overcrowd has many hours of gameplay because each level throws a new scenario at you. You have a specific allocated budget that you must use wisely in order to beat the level. Obstacles like natural rock, staff management, and traffic flow optimization are just the icing on the cake. Every single station you need to overlook has a unique set of problems that you need to fix.

You have to hire security guards, medics, stewards, and even janitors to keep your hub clean. The game is detailed with tons of menus, notifications, and tools for you to examine and analyze in order to optimize your station. They each have unique skills and attributes, which can be leveled up as well. The game goes all out.

Each level has its own unique objectives and challenges. They also have a limited area of play. You need to build entrances and tracks in specific locations over 4 levels. There are rocks you can’t break that make your building and design a puzzle. If you complete a challenge, you can unlock better tech and staff (and stations).

A sandbox mode is also planned for the game.

The graphics are colorful and offer multiple levels of zoom. Each commuter randomly generated and can be utilized to better your traffic flow. They respond to the environment and have a happiness meter. You need to earn rep by keeping them happy. The game has a lot to offer for an indie game of this scale. It’s packed with a simple and colorful theme, but there’s a lot of strategic undertone to the whole game.

If you’re into strategy tycoon games, you’ll definitely want to check this one out.

  • A unique twist to the business tycoon genre
  • Do everything from hiring staff to keeping commuters happy
  • Challenges and limitations for each level
  • Plays like the classics
  • Combines Theme Hospital with Sim Theme Park into one awesome delivery
  • Nice retro artwork that’ll have you nostalgic
  • With a limited play area, will it limit player freedom?
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Game Information

Status: Early Access

Published: –

Platforms: Windows

Engine: –

Genre: Strategy

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: SquarePlay

Developer page: Go


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